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Technical Lighting and
Radiation Systems Specialists
Solar Simulation

The main objective of K.H. Steuernagel is the design,
construction and turn-key installation of technical lighting systems.

We provide Solar Systems that accurately simulate the energy
of Global Radiation.

Each solar system is custom-
designed to meet the unique requirements of an application: from small, single-Luminary exposure configurations to large-scale, multiple-Luminary systems capable of exposing automobiles.

Our Metal Halide Global (MHG) lighting systems include an Electronic Power Supply (EPS) to drive the lamps with square
wave current
that not only stabilizes and optimizes spectral characteristics, but also extends lamp lifetime up to 35%. These systems effectively simulate total radiation (direct solar plus sky radiation) specified in CIE No. 85, Table 4 (refer to graph).

Specific test specifications can also be performed using KHS technology. MIL STD 810 E(F), EPA 40 CFR - Part 86 and
DIN 75-220 are examples of a few specification-specific applications met by the KHS SolarConstant System.

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